Paul Dufrene has had a love for cattle as far back as he can remember. That love was cultivated by his grandfather, Harris Pierce, who had a small herd of Brahman influenced cattle dating back to the 1930’s.  The seeds sown back then on a small farm set the foundation for the harvest of the operation he runs today.
Triple Son Farms (TSF), owned by Paul and Becky was named after their sons, T-Paul, Dustin, and Jacob.  It began in the 1980’s as a small herd of commercial cattle.  Paul soon realized the need for a Brahman-influenced breed that was hearty enough to survive and thrive in the south Louisiana climate.  Unable to purchase enough black F-1 cattle, he undertook the task of raising his own.

A year was set aside for research and education of different breeds.  This research led him to N-Bar Ranch in Montana, Gardner Angus Ranch in Kansas and J.D. Hudgins Brahman Ranch in Texas, all who were known for excellent genetics.  These three well-respected names in the business became the cornerstone for the cattle of Triple Son.

TSF now runs 800 head of registered and purebred Angus and 250 registered J.D. Hudgins Brahmans on 3500 acres of Louisiana land.  These coastal pastures range from four feet above sea level to four feet below sea level.  The vast amount of grasslands accommodates 1-1/2 acres to each cow.  Cattle raised in this neck of the woods easily adapt to any other climates and prosper well throughout the country.

In the past thirty years, Triple Son Farms has carved out a niche market in the Angus/Brahman  F-1 cattle industry.  Hard work and a dedication to excellence have been rewarded in the sales arena.  TSF cattle have won big in F-1 sales throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas including such venues as San Antonio, Houston, Texas National  ABBA Sale, Beaumont ICA, and Louisiana F-1 ABBA Sale.

Mother nature deaIt a harsh blow to southern Louisiana in the form of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Ike and Gustav.  This reality and the fact that hurricanes are a continuing threat to the gulf coast sent Paul looking for higher ground.  In 2008, he expanded the cattle operation to Texas.  Triple Son Farms, Trinity River Division, is located 15 miles west of Crockett, Texas.  This ranch is now home to the registered Angus and Brahman herd, while the F-1 cattle have expanded in numbers and remain in Louisiana.  In an ever increasing attempt to add thickness, depth, and quality to the Angus genetics, stock from Schaff Angus Valley and Ellingston Angus, both located in Anthony, North Dakota have been incorporated into the operation.  These two ranching establishments are directly related to the original Martin Schaff family and continue that legacy of great genetics.

With such quality of heifers came great opportunities for the development of Angus, Brahman, and F-1 Brangus bulls. Because these hearty animals have been raised in southern Louisiana, they too can easily adapt to any area in the southern U.S.  The offspring produced by Triple Son bulls are known for calving ease, rapid growth, high weaning weights, increased milking output, and good fertility.  Customers have come back some 15 years because of the added value of what TSF bulls have brought to their herds.  Bulls are sold by private treaty and in major bull sales throughout Louisiana and Texas.

Triple Son Farms came into existence because of Paul’s grandfather’s love of cattle.  That love continues to be cultivated into the next generation as Jacob returned to join Paul in ranching after graduating in Agriculture Economics and Communications at the University of Kentucky in 2011.  TSF has benefited greatly as he has taken a strong leadership role in the day to day operations, as well as long term planning of herd and ranch management.  His knowledge, commitment to excellence and his work ethic continues to strengthen the foundation on which TSF was built. A cattle ranch is more than land and animals.  It is a connection to our past and a link to our future­ it is a legacy of honesty, hard-work, and heart. The legacy of Triple Son Farms is in indeed in good hands for future generations to come.


Head of Registerd & Purebred Angus Cattle